Sheetech SA was accredited on the 2nd May 2007 by Merseta to conduct training in the fields of Welding Application & Practice and Engineering Fabrication NQF Level 2 – 4 as well as NQF level 1 and CNC Machining.
In 2008 we undertook a Merseta Skills Programme Training with eight learners from the V.N. Naik School for the deaf. We were thereafter invited by Merseta to be the Guest of Honour at a Merseta function. 
In 2010, Sheetech had the privilege of being awarded the tender to facilitate the training of 50 learners under the Merseta PWD Project which began in March 2010 and ended in March 2011.  Thereafter these 5o learners were a three month employment contract with their respective lead employers.  Upon completion of this contract the learners will then progressed to the next level of training which started mid July 2011.
Currently the learners are registered on NQF Level 1 and Engineering Fabrication (Boiler making) NQF Level 2 and NQF Level 3. The current learners will complete their learner-ship in July 2012. The Education and training division has developed a strong relationship with the deaf community particularly with:
Durban School for the hearing impaired; V.N. Naik School for the Deaf and M.C. Kharbhai School for deaf which is in Gauteng. We are constantly on the look out for business partners to help empower the deaf community.
We strive to educate the able bodied and people with disabilities to empower themselves to make a better tomorrow for themselves.